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Food & Cash Transfer

Donations here are used for food distribution and cash transfers to a diverse group of economically disadvantaged Bangladeshi residents as they face covid19, floods, cyclones, and the Rohingya refugee crisis. Your donations are distributed among a dozen rigorously vetted implementers including non-profits (e.g. JAAGO, BDesh, Bidyanondo)

Bangladesh's Harsh Economic Realities

Despite its notable economic progress in recent years, Bangladesh has been grappling with various crises that have resulted in significant socio-economic challenges for its population. The inflow of Rohingya refugees in 2016, the impact of COVID-19 and the exacerbation of natural disasters due to climate change have all had a detrimental effect on the livelihoods of many individuals in Bangladesh. The loss of employment and homes as a result of lockdowns and floods have left a significant portion of the population at risk of starvation. It is imperative that we provide assistance to Bangladesh in addressing these pressing issues. 

Listen to a brief description of what Nourish Bangladesh is all about from one of our board of director members and Vice Treasurer, Ethan Ellis

Let's help them fight hunger

We are a diverse international group of volunteers fundraising for Bangladesh, to help them fight hunger as they deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, an event we truly hope remains as rare if not rarer than once in a hundred years.

In addition to raising awareness and collecting donations, we care deeply about making the most of a donor’s money. So we have convened a team of students, academics, a professor specializing in economic development, experienced charity fundraisers and individuals with ground experience volunteering in Bangladesh to research and thoroughly vet NGOs and grassroots volunteer groups on behalf of the donors.

Our main priorities: vet and fundraise

Real world change happening now

Meet our vetted NGOs and volunteers

Here's the March 2023 newsletter.

Making Each Dollar Count

Our aim is to collect and distribute donations to NGOs and grassroot volunteers who are making the biggest difference in fighting hunger and helping those in need. In addition to raising awareness and collecting donations, we are deeply committed to using funds most effectively.

Our commitment, expertise, and accountability ensures that every dollar contributed through us is utilized most efficiently. All members of the Nourish Bangladesh team are volunteers and do not work for any of the NGOs or grassroots projects we are vetting.

We urge you to join us in our fight to alleviate the plights of the Bangladeshi people and help save lives from being lost to hunger, poverty, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

Support & Nourish

 Nourish Bangladesh is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization

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A word from our donors

I have known Professor Faress Bhuiyan for a decade and during that time have witnessed his ability to deftly navigate Bangladeshi and US American contextual realities in his work and personal life, be it through taking US American students to BD on educational programs, conducting research in economic development, caring for his parents who have crossed these borders many times. He and his team are extremely well-positioned to understand the ground conditions in BD and to communicate the urgency of the needs to those of us in a position to help out. There are so many needs in our world, especially now, but the need for physical nourishment is basic and universal. If you can, I encourage you to give generously to this effort.

Naomi Ziegler
Northfield, MN, USA

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