Our story

Our Turn To Step Up

Who are we?

We are the Canadian chapter of Nourish Bangladesh, a global fundraising campaign whose objective is to help alleviate the Covid-19 fueled hunger crisis in Bangladesh (by rigorously researching and funding the most effective NGOs and grassroots volunteer groups operating in Bangladesh). Our team includes those with deep, personal ties to Bangladesh, as well as those who wish to help people in need. Living in a high-income country like Canada, we feel duty-bound to reach out and do whatever possible for the needy in these difficult circumstances. Our core team of volunteers is a diverse international group with a range of professional backgrounds, from academics (undergraduate, post-graduate in human resources, Phd candidate, professor of economics) and bankers, to a realtor, a climate change & sustainability consultant, multiple marketing professionals, a talent acquisition professional, a sales consultant, and an airline pilot.


What is Nourish Bangladesh?

The Nourish Bangladesh initiative was founded by Faress Bhuiyan, an economics professor in the US, alongside a number of his former students at Carleton College, Minnesota. Inspired by an eye-opening trip to Bangladesh as part of their studies, the group decided to take action in meaningful ways. Their goal was and still is to raise awareness about the country’s experience and actively contribute to the well-being of its people. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, they began thoroughly researching and vetting NGOs and volunteer groups working to alleviate the hunger crisis in Bangladesh. The US team has raised about $20,000 in a month since the beginning of their fundraising campaign and are currently funding five NGOs and three volunteer groups.


Why we want to help? 

The Covid-19 pandemic is devastating vulnerable communities throughout the world, and it’s now our turn here in Canada to step up and do our part. While the immediate short-term impact is catastrophic, the economic impacts will continue to haunt Bangladesh for a long time to come, seriously jeopardizing the future of a poor country that was on its way to becoming a development success story. Over the past few decades, Bangladesh has been slowly but steadily rising out of poverty. But the impact of the pandemic threatens to undo these achivements, with the Centre for Policy Dialogue estimating that as of June 7, povery had already risen by 10% in the country. In real terms, this has put a lot of Bangladeshis at risk of starvation. It is therefore our shared mission to ensure that the poorest families have access to food in the coming months. 

Nourish Bangladesh is not associated with Carleton College (MN, USA) or University of Toronto (ON, Canada) in any official capacity.