Zakat: Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation

Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation (AZWF) is a UK based nonprofit that we have vetted for our donors for Zakat donations in addition to their general dry food relief program. AZWF cannot offer tax deduction in Canada.


Who is Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation? 

Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation (AZWF) is a small family-run charity based in the UK. They began in January 2017 when a group of siblings conceived the idea of donating their family-owned land and property in Bangladesh to a charity in memory of their late father, Zahurul Haque Choudhury. They now have a number of welfare projects in Bangladesh, including a school and orphanage in the village of Noldaria, Moulvibazar as well as rice and fish farms to help feed the children and create jobs for the local poor. Besides other projects in the area and elsewhere in Bangladesh, they are also regularly involved in the Rohingya Refugee Camps, where they helped set up 90 shelters and 50 water-wells and continue to support other initiatives such as during Ramadan and Eid. They have engaged in Covid-19 related relief efforts since the beginning of the pandemic, and is actively responding to the floods as of July 2020. AZWF is a secular, non-government, non-political organization that operates in accordance with Islamic guidelines to ensure the proper distribution of Zakat funds and reliance on ethical funding sources.


Al-Zahoor Welfare Foundation does not charge any overhead cost for their Zakat distribution and pays cash. This allows them to help a wide cariety of households with different types of needs. Additionally, 100 percent of the donation reaches the recipients. For those interested in providing Zakat in the Molvi Bazar area (Sylhet) of Bangladesh, Al-Zahoor may be the ideal candidate. 

Responses to Vetting Questions 

These responses were provided to us by Mr. Shabs Choudhury, director of Al-Zahoor, with regards to Al-Zahoor's Zakat eligible projects and their plans for using the Zakat funds donated by Nourish Bangladesh donors. We researched and asked the same set of standard questions to the other NGOs we vetted for Zakat as well. 

Questions: For how long will you be accepting Zakat funds? 
Response: We accept zakat donations on an ongoing basis. There is no deadline for donations.

Questions: When will you stop accepting Zakat donations, or will it be ongoing into next year?
Response: Ongoing into the next year.

Questions: Can you share a little bit of history as to how long your organization has been accepting Zakat and what kind of projects you have run with it in the past?
Response: We have been accepting zakat donations for the last four years and our distribution policy is very simple. We do not run any projects with donations but distribute it directly as cash to eligible recipients. This is in line with the directions provided in the sunnah and shariah.

Questions: What will the Zakat funds be used for? Please provide details on specific projects and price breakdowns. (For instance, if we provide $1000, how will this money be used? What will be delivered to the beneficiaries and in what quantity? What will the associated overhead cost be?)
Response: As we distribute zakat as cash to eligible recipients we do not have any overheads. Although the distributors of zakat are also entitled to take a margin as their overhead we do not do this so all donations are given as 100% to the recipients. We consult with Shaykh Al Barouni from from School.of Arabic and Islamic studies to ensure our recipients fall into required categories of people eligible for zakat. Families are prioritised based on their individual circumstances and need and cash is distributed accordingly. More information will be provided shortly. 

Questions: Geographically speaking, where will the Zakat funds be used?
Response: In the Molvi Bazar area of Bangladesh.

Questions: How soon will the Zakat funds be used once you receive it from us? For instance, if we deposit $1000 in your bank account on the 2nd of May, 2021, when can we expect it to reach the recipients?
Response: Our focus is to distribute Zakat as soon as possible and within a week of receipt of funds.

Questions: Who should we contact if we have any questions about your organization’s Zakat projects?
Response: Please get in touch with me, Shabs Choudhury, at with any questions you may have.

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