Covid Medical Relief

Thank you for trusting Nourish Bangladesh with your donation. Our expertise lies in making certain that your funds are used timely, cost-effectively, and conscientiously. The Covid Medical Relief (CMR) projects we are funding excel on all of these criteria. Donations to the CMR fund helps provide medical assistance (oxygen supply, medication, PPE, etc) to Covid patients and first responders (e.g. medical professionals). It also funds funeral costs for Covid-related deaths among the economically disadvantaged communities in Bangladesh. 

Who are we working with? Our implementing partners are NGOs and grassroots volunteers that have been rigorously vetted by Nourish Bangladesh. They include major non-profit organizations as well as local grassroots volunteer groups that spontaneously come together during disasters to fundraise and help those in need. So far we have vetted the following NGOs and volunteer groups:

Non-Profit Organizations:  B Desh Foundation IncBidyanondo, Uttaran
Grassroots Volunteers led by: Muhtasim A Zisan 

What are we doing with the funds? The CMR fund provides medical equipment and services as detailed below:

What is the timeline for vetting and disbursing funds? We will be disbursing funds every month or so based on needs on the ground and the amount of funds collected. 


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